Moss Mollis´ Journey

Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags

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Ever since people came to the Faroes, the trolls have hid further and further up in the mountains. Most of the big trolls have been turned to stone by sunlight, but there is still a kind of small trolls left. These are very difficult to spot, though. They are extremely shy and live where people don’t usually go. Their eyes and ears are so good that they can hide long, long before people have a chance to see them. These trolls live of berries and seaweed, and sunlight doesn’t hurt them. Moss Mollis is one of them and this story is about him.
When you read the story about Moss Mollis and his journey around the Faroes, there is no text to follow. Unleash your imagination, let it soar with the children’s’ imagination and join the journey, the pictures will help you tell your very own story.
Seize the moment; enter the world of Moss Mollis.